Remmen Brakes Rear Brake Rotors - B100 Series Plain & GEOMET® Coated (Pair)

C$145.39 - C$506.49
Vehicle Fitment

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Rear Brake Rotors (B100 Series – Plain and GEOMET Coated Rotors). GEOMET® coated for industry leading corrosion resistance and precision machined for improved brake functionality. These rotors are designed to provide a smooth surface contact surface for better contact of the pad and rotor and increased comfort. With specifically designed air vanes for improved airflow and a proprietary metallurgical formula, the Series 100 GEOMET®-coated rotors provide unbeatable value. If you’re looking for a durable, comfortable, high-value brake rotor, look no further.
Recommended for: Daily driver, Commuter, Off-roader (wet). 

Daily drivers and commuters would benefit from the comfort of tight tolerances and quiet operation.
Those in corrosive environments (think snow, rain, mud, salt), especially off-roaders, would benefit from the GEOMET coating.