AlloyGator Wheel Rim Protectors 12"-24" (Set of 4)

Universal Fit

Sold By AlloyGator Canada


AlloyGator is made of durable nylon that preserves and protects your wheels / rims. AlloyGator's patented technology locks to the wheel over 360 degrees to provide superior coverage. AlloyGator comes in 14 different colors that fit your 12" - 24" wheels / rims. Protect the investment in your wheels / rims from curb rashes, scratches, and scuff marks.

  • Available for wheel sizes starting at a compact 12” diameter rim right up to the larger 24” diameter rim
  • Manufactured from super tough blended nylon composite
  • Created with enough flexibility that will not damage your alloy wheels during fitting and also be tough enough to provide superior protection
  • Added UV stabilizer and impact modifier for strength and durability in variable climates
  • A clean styled look with rounded edge profiles
  • Made in the UK with Vehicle's OEM’s to include a matt finish with 50% more locking teeth, improved diamond grips to create a better grip and reduced spacing between metal clips to give a better fitting to your wheel
  • Our alloy rim protectors are MIRA and TUV approved
  • Fits 80% OEM Wheel and Tire Combinations.

What’s in the box?

  • 4 AlloyGator Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors
  • 6 AlloyGator embossed joining clips
  • Stainless steel securing clips
  • 2g AlloyGator super bond adhesive
  • Suitability gauge
  • Fitting instructions and care advice