Hikari Leather Cleaner

Universal Fit

Sold By Cargotek


Leather is a natural product, in order to maintain the beauty of your upholstery it requires regular cleaning, which if neglected, may cause deterioration. But as leather is a natural material, it is essential to maintain your upholstery using only natural products.

HIKARI LEATHER CLEANER doesn’t contain any abrasive detergents, furniture polish and solvents, petrol, gasoline white spirits, etc.

HIKARI LEATHER CLEANER gives and keeps your LEATHER Interior IMPRESSIVE APPEARANCE and doesn’t lead to the leather deterioration.
  • Gentle and overwhelming speed cleaning power!
  • Moist and clean finish!
  • Easily returns your leather upholstery to its original beauty!
  • Easy and Speedy Stubborn Leather Dirt Removal!
  • Suitable for ALL leather Types!
  • Includes a Special Patented Cleaning Buff!
  • Made in Japan