Tesloid Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit – Easy Remove

Vehicle Fitment

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Designed to be easily removable using a remove tool; making switching back and forth with aero wheel covers a breeze.

Brushed-Nickel Finish

Aluminum plated Aero wheel center caps with 3D brushed nickel embossed logo are designed to compliment the alloy rims. The 3D logo will never fade or erase no matter how harsh the driving environment gets.

Precision Fitment

The Aero wheel center caps and lug nut covers effortlessly fit the wheel. The caps sit flushed with the rest of the wheel and do not stick out while lug nut covers are perfectly sized to hug the OEM lug nuts.

Complete Set

The Aero wheel cap kit includes 4 center caps, 20 lug nut covers, 1 center cap remove tool and 1 lug nut cover remove tool

Model 3 Specifications:
Materials Aluminium & ABS
Center Cap Size 57mm
Lug Nut Cover Size 21mm
Weight 159g