Tesloid Tesla Model Y Floor Mats - 3D Extreme Performance

Vehicle Fitment

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Tesloid 3D Extreme Performance floor mats provide complete interior coverage for your Tesla Model Y 5-seater or 7-seater.  
Fits Every Corner:
Precisely carved to fit every curve and corner of your Tesla Model Y's floor space. The precise 3D fitting ensure that they always stay in place.

3D Coverage:
Engineered precisely to cover the largest possible floor area to provide maximum protection for your Tesla Model Y.

Extreme Performance Material:
Extremely durable to withstand harsh exposure to mud, snow, very hot liquids and anything that your shoes/boots may bring inside.
Material: TPE
Fitment Availability: 2020 - 2022 Tesla Model Y 5-seater, and all 3-rows of the Model Y 7-seater.
5-Seater includes full set of 3 floor mats: driver's side mat, passenger's side mat, and full length second row floor mat. 
7-Seater includes full set of 4 floor mats: driver's side mat, passenger's side mat, full length second row floor mat and full length third row floor mat.